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In our Realm there are no boundaries, there are no out spots. In our Realm there are only heads… Heads which deem, heads which speculate and heads which resolve. In our Realm there are humans, there is fertile mind, there is an idea that delivers business success, and there is growth. Where there is we and there is you, and we network to the same level.

Hello! We the Collage Media Solution, greet you to our Realm.

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About Us


We deliver contentment and happy days to our clients/believers through Creativity and Commitment..

We, the Collage Media Solutions are an integrated communications agency, which caters to provide undocked media solutions through the merger of formal arts, and hence the name “collage”. We count on providing business success and surge to our clients and their public.

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Website Development

We design and develop such a site which can represent your company's professional identity to your customer through world-wide-web.


Print Releases

Newspaper is the traditional media, and The CMS is edged with tradition, on this account we release ads in all eminent newspapers of the Country.



Have you ever catched a glimpse of outdoor advertisements..? Yes we do provide such a one! We teem with Cinema Slides, Bus Backs, Bus Shelters, Hoardings, etc.


Airline Advertising

In-flight Magazine, Hoardings in waiting lounge, on the food tray, back of the flight seats, all these and more are our services to catch the big rush of the upper crust.


Electronic Media

Isn’t this out of sight way to catch the eye balls of onlookers..? Beyond any doubt, it is! So how could we not include in our services? We set our sights on “Radio Commercials”, “Radio Jingles”, and “TV Commercials”. We buck up our believers by providing the maximum possible seconds for the money they have invested, and boosting the density.



Keeping an organization/Client in the good books of its public and to maintain the groove between them, isn’t this the right way to achieve Modesty? It definitely is. In this fashion, we dish up the press releases and articles in the publications.



Its 2014… and today “If it’s well Designed. its well Plugged.” We wouldn’t say it’s a five finger exercise, but if done in an avid and productive fashion it can be zestful.



SEO: To submit your website in search-engine directories and increase ranking and visiblity in search engines.
SMO: To optimize your website over social media networks.



It involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising (PPC/CPC)


  • Credila
  • Leven
  • PropTiger
  • Arkin
  • Spectrum NGO
  • Lloyd
  • DigiCall
  • E-Cap